Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's late and yes, I'm up

I think I read somewhere that if you are in pain, doing the whole "not wanting to go to bed, but really ought to even though I'm sure I'd just lay awake for hours" internal struggle, feeling humongous, and generally just very depressed -- that you should eat chocolate, PB & a whole lot of Red Vines. And watch a teen chick movie about an awkward high school girl who falls into trouble, has a rough time, but ultimately rides off into the sunset on a lawn mower with the hunky heart-throb of the school.
Or something like that.
Problem is,
it's now 2 hrs later, I'm in even more pain, still don't want to go to bed, feeling even bigger, obviously not happy, and now a little worried that my IQ is a little lower than before I started the movie.
In any event, I'm fairly certain that around 2pm tomorrow I will have serious regrets about the decisions made tonight.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Note to husbands

IF your wife is expecting a child at any moment - meaning there have been several false starts, lots of pain and general unhappiness with it all - a good thing NOT to do is schedule a company to come over early in the morning to do an "energy evaluation" on the house.

And if you already have set up the appointment, keep in mind that TELLING YOUR WIFE, who is probably still in bed and therefore not properly clothed, is a good idea. And no, telling me while I'm still asleep does not count.
But probably the best advice for the situation is to NOT BE GONE when said appointment is supposed to go down.
That would help prevent your preschooler from answering the door, leading to a very embarrassing encounter involving a salesman and your barely-awake and not-properly dressed wife.

You know. Just for future reference.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011



So much for willing this baby to come on the day of my choosing.

Not for a lack of trying.

I really thought it was going to happen this morning. Really. Contractions were going "great," got the kids all dressed & packed up, called the sitters, called my parents, and then... nothing. Literally. Everything just stopped. Boo!
Graciously, my friend kept Lacie & Hyrum, and Andrea was still in school, so Mark and I got to spend some time So nice!! Thank you, Tracy!!
And then...
things started back up again. Hooray!
And just in time for my afternoon OB/GYN appt. Hip, hip, hooray!
Literally, I walked in there and announced that I was in labor.
Doc shot that down pretty fast.
I was having pretty intense contractions. Just not intense enough.
And then they stopped.
Double blast!
I was about in tears. (C'mon, I am control freak, after all!)

So instead of heading to the hospital like we had hoped/expected, we headed back home to pick Andrea up from school. Wouldn't you know, it was a good thing we did.
The poor girl informed me after getting home that it hurt when she went to the bathroom.
Uh oh.
I called the pediatrician right then and was (thankfully!) able to get her in - last appointment of the day, no less. Sure enough - her urine sample was more blood than urine. Urinary tract infection. Ouch!
Ouch! Ouch!
Those who have had one can attest to what I'm saying, that they are NOT fun. Wow, do they ever hurt. Especially if you get to the stage where blood is involved. Not, not, not fun.
Poor kid!

I guess in a way, it's a really, REALLY good thing baby boy did not come today.
I don't think Andrea would have been brave enough to speak up at the sitters', and certainly not in time to get her in before the ped's office closed. Then there's the whole issue of Mark having to leave me at the hospital...

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in control after all.

Go Time


It's officially the day.
Well, the day I picked out.
You know, months ago.
Good date to remember. Easy.
And consistent with how early I went on the other pregnancies.
So really, is it too much to ask?
I even finally got an infant car seat. Finally.
And bags are packed for me, baby, kids. I'll even throw in some treats for Mark.
Sitters are on alert.
Parents are waiting for the call to jump in the car & head down.
Mark's clients all know, so he's working from home. Mostly.
Cameras are packed, batteries charged. Kids' teachers have been informed.
Okay, the house is still a wreck, but we actually have the bassinet set up and in our room.
Blankets & clothes have been laundered, and we have diapers, binkys, bottles, and formula.

We have absolutely NEVER been this "prepared" to have a kid.

So... can I get my baby now?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Multi-cultural, creative Tree of Life

(Sorry the title is deceiving. That would be quite a sight. No, sorry. This is 3-poster-in-one. That's all. My apologies to all disappointed.)

Multi-Cultural Parade

At Lacie's school they hold an annual "multi-cultural awareness," with events lasting all week, ending with a parade on Friday. The students get to parade through the school donning the native dress of the countries they come from.
Last year, Andrea made a sweet, little pioneer girl. Somehow that didn't fit with Lacie's personality, so we opted for something else...

Each kid was holding a flag from their native country. I love that Lacie is holding a Texas state flag! Oh, Texan pride! I love it!

Andrea's Creativity

Okay, I know she's Mark's kid and all, but still, even with that explanation the child never ceases to amaze us with her creativity. And it's hilarious to boot. This girl is clever on so many levels, from academics to logic to contraptions to complaining (though I'm not exactly thrilled with that last one).
Shown below is Andrea's latest "Lacie-proof lock."

I told her she couldn't take the shoelaces out of Daddy's boots. She was not deterred.

Next up is what Andrea does with bibs and a little bit of time on her hands:
It was a lot more impressive when Mark informed me that our daughter had just made a "Daisy Chain" out in the living room. I would've just thought it was cool that she linked them together. Didn't know there was a name for it!

The Tree of Life

Speaking of creativity...

Here is Andrea's Potato Head rendition of the Tree of Life.
It's not so impressive until I explain each part.

First, we have the Iron Rod. (Each potato head piece represents a person.)

Naturally, the Rod leads up to the Tree of Life. (Note the green)
I'm not sure why they're up there, but the 2 pairs of shoes represent Sariah & Nephi standing at the Tree.

Across from the Iron Rod is the 'Great and Spacious Building.'

Can you see all the potato head pieces? Again, representing people.

Finally, we have the 'Mists of Darkness.'

Cleverly represented here by the water damage to a briefcase found out in the garage.

Now look at the whole thing again --

Seriously, the kid is amazing.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Been on bedrest this last week. Not a fan. I'm totally in nesting mode with more than enough to keep me busy for the next year, and not able to do a dang thing about it.

It all started when the morning after my shower (talk about timing!), I was awakened by "real" contractions coming every 5-7 mins.
Since I was only just barely 36 weeks that day, it was still a little too early. My doc said if my husband were black and we were expecting a girl things would be different. Apparently caucasian boys are the slowest in developing lungs. Dang.

I'm fairly certain it's universal - hating this last stretch of the pregnancy. So I don't feel entirely evil that I have to get daily, and sometimes hourly, reminders of why I don't want this little guy to just come and get it over with already. A couple weeks ago a couple friends were telling me about their enduring weeks of false labor. Ack! I probably shouldn't have commented that I was graciously spared that in my pregnancies. Karma has a real nasty sense of humor.

Anyway, for today's attempt at my daily affirmation that I'm "fine" waiting this out, I'd like to share the positives of being on bedrest:

a) Mark feels empowered when given the authority of warden. And he makes a good warden.
b) I get out of doing yard work, garbage, laundry, dishes, and meal-making. Wahoo! (wait, why don't I like this again?)
c) Morning doesn't generally start for me until around 11am. (really, why don't I like this?)
d) I am continually looked-after by my doting husband, who makes sure I'm well-fed and -hydrated. (except he gets a little stingy when doling out the chocolate...)
e) Mark stayed home from work on Valentine's day to ensure I didn't have to lift a finger all day.
...okay, wait.
This is sounding ridiculous. Why am I complaining again?
My life is pretty dang cush right now, and I'm getting the royal treatment from my husband -- something I didn't get on even my first pregnancy.
I guess some times it takes putting in down in words to see the situation more ... wait ... oooh ... con...trac...tion... ow ... ow ... ow ...
Sorry, what was I saying?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My kids

No. That is not a picture of my kids. Though some days they do act like it...
That is a good demonstration of how my girls play: dinosaurs dressed up in Barbie clothes; imaginative & hilarious. I love it. I love them.
And there are some days I just have to say it out loud and remind myself so I don't chuck 'em all out the window.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No school... again!

Is it horrible that I am absolutely delighted that for the 4th day in a row IISD has announced there will be no school tomorrow?

Honestly, I'm more excited than my kids - who are excited, by the way. Of course I would love to say that I've used all this time extremely well -- teaching the kids, playing with the kids, doing fun & educational projects with the kids, etc.
It has meant sleeping in without the interruption of dropping-off/picking-up kids at school!

Okay, lest I appear completely awful, we have had a blast with tons more playing time AND Mark stayed home most of the first couple days. What a treat! Yay for random Texas ice storms!

Although... I guess I ought to also mention that we are among the few lucky households who have not lost power, even a little bit. (knock on wood!) With record-low temperatures in the single digits, I can see how losing electricity might seriously alter my perception of this event.