Friday, September 28, 2007

Quick learners

I'm always amazed at how fast my kids can learn when they want to get something from me (i.e. treats). And similarly amazed when their super-learner skills dry up as soon as I try to teach them something (i.e. don't hit your sister).
The truly amazing part is when they learn something you didn't teach them and you have no idea how they came up with it. For example, the other night Mark asked me if I was teaching Andrea about time. I said, 'no, why?' And he tells me that when getting her ready for bed he told her she had 10 more minutes before bedtime. She looked up and said, 'how about 15?' Ummm, yeah. Where she learned about '15' and that it's more than '10'? No clue. Her bargaining skills? Let's just say I've never seen them in action with Lacie when it comes to Barbies...
So then yesterday I figure it's a good time to learn about clocks, seeing as she already knows so much. So I pull out a clock puzzle to teach Andrea about time. After getting past the numbers and all, I teach her about saying '_ o' clock.' And then I quiz her: (Net) 'If it points to the 8, what time is it?' (Andrea) '8 o' clock.' (Net) 'Good Andrea! So if it points to the 5, what time is it then?' (Andrea) 'Horse.' (Net) 'What? No, it's pointing to the 5. What time is it?' (Andrea) 'Um, the horse has to eat.'
I think the important thing here is not that she isn't learning - because she is. She's learning how to make mom lose hair faster.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why my kids amaze me.

I'm standing in the kitchen when Lacie (21 mos) comes in holding a place mat, pointing to the teddy bear. Now, this is one of two new place mats, introduced yesterday, so I thought she was interested in playing with it. So of course I go through all the pictures of characters on the mat and then take it to the table and set it down. She grabs it, picks it up and again shoves it towards me while pointing to the teddy bear. I sigh and go through all the numbered objects on the mat. Then I leave her with it and go back to the kitchen. In the time it takes me to wash my hands and turn around, Lacie has yet again, taken the mat, brought it to the kitchen and is now, quite impatiently, showing me the teddy bear. Now I'm aggravated. I've already seen the dumb bear. I've gone though all the characters. I've counted all the objects. What more do you want from me?!!
It's not until I emerge from the pantry minutes later (almost knocking over Lacie, who has been trying to get in, place mat still in hand) and spot the box of teddy grahams on the counter that it dawns on me -- "Do you want some teddy grahams?" I ask. Of course. As soon as I get her a little baggie-o-teddies she is happy as can be....and the place mat is history. That is, until her supply runs out and she wants a refill.