Friday, December 30, 2011

Relevant Math

if A is crafting, and B is nighttime, and C is memory loss, then:

AB = C

if D is crawling, curious baby, and E is disaster, and F is cleaning (house & kid), and G is work for me, then:
D = G
E = G
F = G
D = E = F = G

AB + D = E
AB + D = F

C + D = G

in Addition

A can be substituted with H, which is food.

B can be substituted for I, which is any time of day.
And if E occurs after F, then it is G-squared.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


"Mommy, my diaper burped!"

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Being Mom

Tonight I gave the ultimate "Christmas is NOT about YOU!" lecture to the girls. It was classic. Starting with dragging the crying kids from the store into the car, it included finger-wagging and ended with the threat of coal and/or canceling Christmas.

And even though I'm fairly certain I threaten to call the Big Man and tell him to pass us by each year, this year was different. This year I had hopes -- maybe even expectations? -- of having a delightful, loving Christmas where the kids happily pick out presents for each other (new this year) and are excited to bring joy to their siblings.

This is what I pictured:

This is what I got:

Granted, any other time of the year I would never be so foolish as to attempt to go to a TOY store WITH children and expect them to NOT pick out everything on the shelves for themselves and then try to get me to swear a blood oath that I WILL purchase the item for them if not in front of them at that precise moment then at some other time THAT evening and then collapse into a fit of disappointment, despair and fury when I finally have had enough and demand we leave the store RIGHT NOW...

Ahh, don't you love the holidays?

In other news,
I found this pic and cannot stop laughing about it: