Friday, October 31, 2008


The best summary I've seen/heard/read yet...


Not sure what this is all about, but it started a while ago, and I haven't figured it out yet...

(Lacie) Mom?
(Mom) Yes?
(Lacie) Yes Mom.
(Lacie) Mom?
(Mom) Yes?
(Lacie) Yes Mom.
(Lacie) Mom?
(Mom) Yes?
(Lacie) Yes Mom.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Early on in October I decided to get the family into the spirit of Halloween -- a very important thing to do in our family. So for FHE I dragged out the costume box and let the kids go to town whilst I worked on decorating the house. It was a blast!
The kids especially loved the wigs. Ah, to be able to change your hair on a whim... Must be my girls!

Lacie loved that we called her Rapunzel.

Andrea would not accept that this cow costume was just not her size.

Ummm....? Yeah, my kids are creative.

Andrea's favorite part was dancing the "hula" (or her interpretation of it anyway) to the Halloween cd I put on. Had I gotten video footage rather than still pics you would see that the proper way to dance to "Monster Mash" is a combo head-banging/hula/ballerina act.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Lacie wanted to say the blessing for dinner, so Mark prompted her through it. Usually what happens is when we get to "in the name of...." we finish out the sentence and rather than repeating it, Lacie just finishes with an "Amen."
Tonight she changed it up saying, "The End."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning there were some kids over at the house and a few times we had to break up little squabbles, saying things like, "Don't hit," and "Be nice to your friend," and so on.
Later on at Lacie's neurologist appointment while waiting for the doc she played on the floor with one of those wooden cubes with the big colorful wires that loop and have wooden beads on them.
I overheard Lacie saying, "No, don't hit. You need to be nice to your friends." Wondering a bit, I looked down to see she was role-playing with the different beads - scolding the one for not getting along.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So it was one of those nights when I just needed a good pick-me-up.
I laugh so hard it hurts every time I see this.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Saturday I got the royalty treatment. Mark was so good to me. He got up at an unearthly hour with the girls and let me sleep in, made breakfast, did dishes. Awesome. And then he let me go get really pampered -- went to the salon to get a nice manicure w/ the pretty acrylic french tips, pedicure (the 45-min "sport" version because apparently I had some mega callouses going on), then leg & eyebrow waxing. Nice.

[I say this knowing that I am potentially endangering friendships with those of you who know this as just a regular grooming routine and may now be worried about my hygenic standards. But as it is definitely NOT a common procedure for me I was a bit excited and therefore ready to take the risk.]

Back to Mark...
Okay, so he didn't actually know in advance that I was going, and he kinda freaked when I showed him the bill, but after a minimal amount of persuasion and kind of a lot of scalp massage, he was okay with it. What a guy!

Back to the salon...
Since (as stated before) I am not a frequent customer at the salon I felt a bit awkward with all the questions and instructions that I did not understand. It totally reminded me of the following comedy sketch (Molly, I love you for showing me this). Of course, when one of the girls working there actually quoted a reference to the sketch it made the rest of the time that much more uncomfortable since I had to keep my legs crossed tight to make sure I didn't pee my pants from laughing so hard.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


A conversation we had on the way home from church today...

Andrea: Where does Jesus' father live?
Mom & Dad: He lives in heaven.
Andrea: I want to go to heaven so I can see him.
M&D: Well, that's why we have to be really good here on Earth - so that when we die we can go to heaven and be with him.
Andrea: I want to die right now.
M&D: Oh, but if you died and left us right now we would be so sad. We would miss you so much.
Andrea: But I want to die and go to heaven right now.
M&D: That would be so fun to go to heaven right now, but we would miss you. Do you think you could wait a while before you die?
Andrea: Okay. Just one more time and then I'll die.
M&D: Okay. Will you just make sure to let us know before you die?
Andrea: Yes - first I will go to Elliot's house, and then I will die.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What would you do?

Okay, seriously, we have some pretty inconsiderate neighbors. I get that they like to party. I get that they like to party often. And have loud music. With sound systems. And clowns. With megaphones. And I appreciate that after calling the cops on them multiple times they have now started this endeavor to appease us by warning us ahead of time that they are having a party, acknowledging that law is that they must stop the noise at 10pm. Great. Awesome. Thanks.
So what do you do when they come over all nice, inform us of yet another bash to take place -- until 1am. Even invite us to come on over (who cares that we're not Mexican, don't speak spanish or drink tequila?). Even bring us some food from the party during the party. But then at 10pm when you'd think they'd at least turn the music down, it is still pumping loud enough that the windows in the room closest rattle with the bass. Hmmm.
Does informing you that there will be a party now constitute a green light for blasting music all night? Do we go over and ask them to now turn it down? Should we take the food back? Throw it over the fence?
One thing is for sure - if they leave beer bottles on our lawn again I am going to throw a hissy fit. I don't care if they did promise us some of the birthday cake.