Friday, September 23, 2011

Jen-inspired (Beware: LONG)

So, anyone who has ever talked to me for any length about being a mom has most likely heard me reference my sis-in-law, Jen. That's because she's amazing. A-MAZing.
Seriously. I kinda hero-worship her. Without the kinda.
Yeah, yeah, I know -- everyone is human; everyone has faults; don't put people on a pedestal; blah, blah, blah. I know. I know she is human and has struggles. She tells me about them. It doesn't diminish that I still totally admire her and, not-so-secretly, want to be like her.
Her organization is ri-di-cu-lous (in a good way). Everything is laminated, labeled, cataloged, and/or put in a binder.
And it's not even just that she's organized. It's what she organizes. Okay, that's everything, but what I mean is the things/activities/projects she does are amazing. You walk into her house and just by looking around you can see that her kids are involved in music, learning about the gospel, educationally stimulated, and taught about family -- immediate, extended, ancient, etc.
It's incredible. I love it. I want it. I try to be like it.
But the thing I think I'm most impressed with is that she actually wants and does spend time doing these things/activities/projects WITH her kids. She actually holds FHE every week, scripture study & family prayer every night. She has gone all out re-inventing? the way they celebrate Easter and Christmas so that it is focused on Christ. She broke down the Family: Proclamation to the World into mini lessons, complete with visuals and activities AND THEN DID THEM. The things she comes up with are incredible, but it's her follow-through that is so impressive.
But back to the things she does...
One of her masterpieces (in my opinion) is her library. It's her room dedicated to the materials she has made, bought and collected for the education and stimulation of her kids' growing little minds. Think Montessori with lots of gospel thrown it.
And while I'm on a roll gushing about all this, I may as well admit that I am totally GREEN with envy over it. It's true. I'm so jealous. But not in the I-want-it-not-her-have-it sort of way; I just want it, too.

Switch gears a sec ~

Last week I attended the "Meet the Teacher" with Andrea & Lacie. Which, btw, is funny to me since Andrea has her same teacher that she had last year, and I met Lacie's teacher before school started, then conferenced with her on the 2nd day of school. Haha. Oh well; the girls were excited to show me the rooms.
Anyway, while sitting through the different power-point presentations of what to expect, I started realizing that I have no where in my house for the kids to come home and make a routine of doing homework, reading , etc. Mostly the kitchen table is reserved for that, but that's only if you can dig it out from under bills, junk mail, Mark's tools, last night's dinner dishes, and whatever toys Hyrum lost interest in a couple hours ago.


I am happy - more than happy. More like giddy. I am giddy to announce/blab that I now have my own Jen-inspired library! Yay!!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT!
Okay, it's not as cool as Jen's, but eh. Oh well. Work with what you have, right?
Ready? Because I am so excited I can't stop freaking out...

Ta Da!

(note the "stage" that is our bow window sill, complete w/ an amp & mic for the kids' concerts)

Mind you, this used to be our tv/movie room with a massive 51" wide, 3' deep, 5' tall tv in there. What happened to it? Craigslist. That's right. No more tv. (we'll see how long this lasts)
Like I said, giddy is the feeling around here. Also maybe because I keep staying up super late to get it finished???
Anyway, I LOVE it! And so do the kids. It's where we spend our days now, and it's fabulous. Although, it may have something to do with the fact that the rest of the house has gotten COMPLETELY neglected and mostly looks like this:


But I have my library!

Now, to finish off my "Ode to Jen..."
While working on the library project, I kept singing through this song. First because it was a fun, clever idea; then because it got stuck in my head; and finally, because it really was inspiring.

"I'm Trying to Be Like Jen"

I'm trying to be like Je-n,
I'm following in her way.
Her organization gives me
the hope for a bet-ter way.

Some times I just want to watch movies all day,
but I try to remember as I once heard her say, saying,
"Teach Montessori," "Teach Joy School," and such.
"Sensory skills that use sight, smell and touch;
teach math and teach reading in all that you do,"
And some day, I'll be like her too.

Jen, you're amazing. Totally inspiring. I love you and think you're awesome. Thanks for being such a great example.
Oh, and sorry if this post totally embarrasses you. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A new "first"

well this is something I didn't expect...

I mean, no one LIKES having their mouth numb after coming home from the dentist, but the numbness in my tongue, cheek & lips has also spread all the way up to the left side of my nose!
annoying, to say the least.

On the up side, I went in for a root canal on my back upper right molar, and came out with a filling on my back upper left. Hmmm? Turns out the dentist couldn't be sure which tooth was infected on the right, and rather than doing the root canal on the wrong tooth, he opted to take care of the root canal needed on the other side. Then it turned out to only need a filling. Happy day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Each morning I drive the girls to school, park a little up the street and walk them to the front doors. It's our little routine. They love it and I absolutely cherish it. Not to mention the fact that it cuts out the crazy traffic-jam drop-off scenario. And I get my exercise for the day. Haha. (I say that jokingly, but really I'm not. Just kidding. Sorta. Not really. ANYWAY.)

THIS morning, however, as we were nearing the steps up to the building, each of the girls saw a cute boy from her class, and BOTH of them took off -- totally ditching me without a backwards glance! Lacie grabbed at the boy's hand from her class, and Andrea got all googly-eyed as Tremain non-chalantly sauntered past and called out to her.
Oh. My. Gosh. !!
Next thing you know, they'll be playing kissing tag. Ack!

Friday, September 2, 2011


If a woman is able to literally GROW an entire human being, why can't that same woman grow another set of arms to take care of said human being?

Just sayin'.