Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh No! the BIG 4-0!

Today Mark finally made it over the hill...
and turned 40!

Mark had told us he didn't really want to celebrate his birthday this year. Ha! Not if I could help it. So the kids and I kidnapped him as he got home from work and took him to dinner sporting all sorts of celebratory gear. We caused a bit of commotion, but they were really good about it. Mark even got other patrons coming up to him and congratulating him!

Hyrum loved all the excitement.

We all had scrumptious dessert - Lacie especially loved hers.

Finally, we presented Mark with gifts and tokens of our love.

In tribute, I wrote up a list of reasons I love my man:

40 Reasons to Love Mark

1. he's HOT!
2. looks good in a bikini (yes, inside joke)
3. "Mark-Gyver"
4. willing to clean up poop in the bathtub
5. compassionate
6. can fix anything with Bleach & JB Weld
7. common sense
8. politically informed and aware
9. genuinely wants to help people
10. SKIP-BO pro
11. loves learning
12. cooks an impressive pot roast
13. appreciates classical music
14. likes to streak around the neighborhood
15. creative with revenge tactics
16. problem solver
17. good with dogs, tylenol & liquid propane
18. great shot w/ a crossbow
19. tender-hearted
20. theatrical
21. wants to do the RIGHT thing
22. is a great teacher
23. loves history
24. patient
25. loyal Apple fan (from the beginning)
26. diversely talented
27. not afraid of spiders
28. hard, HARD worker
29. takes pride in his work
30. friendly
31. proud of, devoted to, can't get enough of his -- KIDS
32. likes parties & games
33. a little nutty after 10pm
34. can drive a car missing essential parts
35. wants to protect
36. makes the best cheesy eggs
37. is not selfish
38. appreciates a beautiful paint job
39. loves me.
40. owns a cement mixer!

What a great guy! We sure love him!
Here's to 40 great years so far, and to 40 more coming up!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the new Emily Post

At our Tea Party today, Andrea was instructing Lacie on the proper etiquette:

"Now don't throw the dishes because they'll break. This is a Tea Party, not a Tea Party dishes Fight."

Sunday, May 2, 2010


"Mom! Mom! Hyrum said, 'Why.' He can speak Human now!"