Sunday, October 31, 2010

oh yeah... the kids

Sometimes I get a little wrapped up in all our festivities to remember that Halloween is still about the kids. Oops. So here are the kids!

Lacie - Princess, of sorts...

...who almost missed the whole party when she fell asleep on the way to the Trunk-or-Treat!

Andrea - the butterfly garden fairy with a random bunny. She wanted to wear bunny ears as well, but I insisted that was just too strange.

And of course, our little monkey! (Literally! Mark & I were the Baron & Baroness and made Hyrum our exotic pet monkey.)


Rewind a day...
The schools here aren't allowed to celebrate Halloween. Lame. However, to appease outraged parents like me, the Elementary school has cleverly inserts their annual "Storybook Parade" at the end of each October. Only the Kindergartners dress up, and they must actually bring the book with the character they are representing. Ya know, making it legitimately non-Halloween and all. Oh, except all the other teachers dress up, too. How that is fair I do not know.
Anyway, Andrea wanted to go as a genie. We decided to call her "Princess Jasmine" soas to be inline with the rules since we didn't have a girl-genie book.


Lining up. (notice the books)

Andrea's teacher

Another teacher.


"Pinkalicious & Purplicious."

Crayons of the Hanes brand.
(it's Hanes Elementary school)

Rita Skeeter (awesome!).

From "Little House on the Prairie."

Principal & Vice

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

It's that time of year again!
Mark and I have a long history with Halloween, beginning with the night we met! And since it is so dear to us, we strive each year to pay proper homage to it with due celebration.
This year it almost didn't happen, as I've been so sick and so, so tired with this pregnancy. In the end Mark was the hero and saved the day by working extra hard to make sure everything came together - and it did! Starting with our AWESOME entertainment...

Stick-figure dancing!! HILARIOUS!
(watch the movie for the full act - and yes, it's worth it)

Eddie & Tracy planned and practiced way in advance - and it sure paid off! Plus, we kept everything very hush-hush, so no one knew what was going on or who was performing or anything until it all happened, including Mark (!), who was VERY confused when I announced our entertainment and then proceeded to turn out all the lights. :)
Thank you, Eddie & Tracy! You guys were hysterical!

The laughs continued with the great artistry and fun creativity of our attending guests...

Ginny Weasley & Harry Potter (Alaina & Jon),

a Princess w/ her knight (Matt & Meagan),

the "stick figures" (Tracy & Eddie),

Bob Marley? :) (Angela),

Sweepstakes awarder & winner (Tim & Cassandra),

Asian gang (Josh & Jinhee),

and, of course, the hosts...

Baron & Baroness Viehweg.

With the help of "This is a cat, this is a dog," full-contact "Do you love your neighbor?," "In the manner of the adverb," & "the Kevin Bacon game" (sorta), there were laughs and screams all night. And of course our traditional eat-the-doughnut-hanging-from-the-spinning-ceiling-fan game! It was a riot!
The only sad part of it all is that we don't have a house big enough to invite everyone we know. Can you imagine how fun that'd be?! Oh well. Someday, right?

Thanks again everyone who came. We had a blast.
Happy Halloween everyone!

How 'bout them RANGERS?!!

Pardon the grammar & multiple exclamation points. I'm a little excited. Tonight is a good night for any Texas baseball fan. And a good night for those of us who like to jump in at the end when it's all super exciting. :)
Admittedly, I'm not a super sports fan. Neither is Mark. Most the time we have no idea what is going on, let alone who is playing.
it's a little hard to miss lately when the Rangers made it to the World Series for the FIRST TIME in franchise history! It makes it a bit more exciting, to say the least. And after 2 losses in San Francisco, to come back to Texas and win game 3 is pretty awesome. HOORAY!

Mark says he feels guilty rooting for them when he took absolutely no notice of them until now. I don't see it that way. I figure, they can either have another fan or not. Who wouldn't want one more person cheering for you?


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No London, No France...

Ha ha! Not to mock or embarrass my kid or anything, but I got a good laugh today when her teacher called to let me know that my daughter was currently 'going commando' at school!
Fear not.
No acts of indecent exposure ensued.
In fact, said child didn't even realize the forgotten article of clothing until the bathroom break because she was wearing a skirt and therefore modesty shorts underneath. Good thing!

In other news,
Lacie is currently in long-term time-out for styling Hyrum's hair/head with hand lotion. Again. And Andrea has delivered to me her official 2010 Christmas Wishlist.
(10 points if you can read it w/o help from my translation)


(okay, I'll stop doing that - it's annoying. But you get the idea.)

1. Barbie hair style head with Barbie doll
2. Hannah Montana wig costume micorphon
E. Bran new swim suait (suit)
4. Jueyl (jewelry) box
5. pilow pet
6. stickers
7. esay to put on tatoos
8. raal (real) latope (laptop) for kids
9. cyberchas movis
10. surf bord
11. box top's
12. Liv doll
13. tatoo book
14. American Girle
15. a pack of my onee (own) fruit snacks
16. white big stufd (stuffed) tiger
17. packs of gum

Okay, can I just say random?!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

to Recap...

...yeah, it's been a while since I've paid attention to this here blog. Figured I'd better do a quick update. Consequently, it's not so quick. So if you're receiving this via email you may not be able to upload the whole thing due to the amount of pics. Sorry. If that's the case, go to to see the whole thing.

Here goes...

Andrea turned 6 and her cake had a hard day.

Lacie likes Barbies...

Andrea is a super tinker-toy-er.

I keep finding apples with suspicious little bite marks like this...

Nope. Not from the girls, who were quite thrilled when I pulled out the Halloween decor.

During conference Mark listened intently...

while Hyrum fed Elmo crayons and I attempted my first french braid on myself. Eh, not too shabby!

Then Lacie decided to cut her hair. Again.

Here is a re-enactment of my reaction:

We took a fun family trip to visit Molly & Lexye & fams! Yay!

Our kids had a blast...

Lexye rocked her purple gloves...

Samuel Peter is my new fav toy...

Mark & Nick were work buddies practically the whole time...

and we got in some MUCH-needed sister time!

Andrea's school held an award ceremony where she received awards for everything except attendance. Ummm... yeah. That'd be my bad. :0

Lacie & Hyrum still nap in the car.

Hyrum is ridiculously cute.

At Andrea's school carnival she got her face painted.

And Lacie proved her crazy narcolepsy-ish tendencies once again by literally falling asleep WHILE getting her face painted!

Okay. That about wraps it up for us! Stay tuned for more...