Thursday, December 5, 2013


While in the pool I have Hyrum & Jacob hanging on me. Hyrum bellows out,

"We're on the Mama Ship! Full speed ahead!"
As soon as Mark swims over he says,
"The Mama Ship is sinking - get on the Daddy Ship!"

Hyrum and Jacob were watching a cartoon where the little boy character said he didn't want to go to the park. Hyrum says,
"Why doesn't he want to go to the park? Maybe his head is broken."

Hyrum is really into the show Transformers right now. He is constantly "transforming" into cars and "driving" around the house. At church, Hyrum's teacher informed me that Hyrum was not in class that day; instead she had a car speeding around her classroom. (sigh)
When dropping Hyrum off to school the next day, Hyrum turned to me in the car and said frantically,
"Quick, Mom, transform me into a little boy so I can go to school!"


MoM said...

Um, yes--great Thanksgiving tradition!

Hyrum is quite the jokester.

MoM said...

P S Looks so festive!