Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hyrum's Tummy

So I guess Mark got Hyrum started on this whole streak when he asked one day if Hyrum was hungry. Hyrum, likely not paying attention, did not answer. Mark asked again, "Is your tummy hungry?" Ah.
Since then "Hyrum's tummy" has taken on a persona of its own.
"Hyrum's tummy" is hungry.
"Hyrum's tummy" isn't hungry.
"Hyrum's tummy" is thirsty.
"Hyrum's tummy" isn't thirsty.
"Hyrum's tummy" is feeling tired.
"Hyrum's tummy" is NOT feeling tired.
"Hyrum's tummy" does NOT want to go to bed.
"Hyrum's tummy" does NOT want to share.
"Hyrum's tummy" thinks Lacie 'did it.'


Yeah. I'm going to go ahead and blame Mark on this one.

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The Eggleston family said...

Love this, glad to see your still blogging! Hope you guys are doing well! Miss you!